Master Key Experience Week 14: You Don’t Have to Always Understand the Process

We ended 2020 with lesson 14 at the end of 2020. 2020 has been a difficult year. A bright spot for me in 2020 however was finding the Master Key Experience. The lessons keep coming and keep getting better. My outlook on my life has improved as well as my self confidence.

It is stated in week 14 goes into electrons having a negative charge and the cells in the body are made up of these electrons. It also goes on to state that all of the different cells in the body have intelligence to do all the different jobs in the body that they need to perform. In essence all of the cells in the body have a mind. Because the cells are made up of electrons the charge on all of the cells is negative and they make up the subconscious mind. Your power think makes you positive giving you control over the subconscious mind.

I had a little trouble with this knowing that atoms also have protons and neutrons and giving them a neutral charge. The lesson however went into that electrons are everywhere, that they occupy all space. I do know that electrons do travel around the nucleus taking up the majority of the space that an atom occupies. So I’m going to just take this on faith. The one thing I know is that everything that we have done up to this point has been working for me. I have not understood why we were doing things but it is working so it doesn’t matter if I understand this or not it is working and that is what matters.

It was also stated that if you have been negative in your thinking for years and years you subconscious is not going to change direction immediately. So patience is required to see results. To make radical changes in your life you need faith, discipline, careful thought and you must let nothing interfere with your decision.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 14: You Don’t Have to Always Understand the Process

  1. John, good for you for realizing you must not let anything interfere with your decision. From your blog rover friend John.


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